NBA 2K23 MT (MyTeam Points) is a virtual currency that can purchase new players, cards, and other items for your MyTeam. One way to earn MT is by using the Auction House, which is a feature in the MyTeam mode that allows you to buy and sell players and other items with other players.

To earn MT with the Auction House, you must have some items you can sell to other players. You can acquire these items by opening packs, completing challenges, and playing through the various modes in the game. Once you have items you think other players might be interested in, you can list them for sale in the Auction House.

To list an item for sale in the Auction House, go to the MyTeam menu and select "Auction House." From there, you can choose the item you want to sell and set a starting and buyout price. The starting price is the minimum amount a player must bid to participate in the auction. In contrast, the buyout price is the amount at which the item will automatically be sold to the highest bidder if no one else bids higher.

When you list an item for sale in the Auction House, other players can see it and place bids on it. If someone bids on your item, you will receive a notification, and you can choose to accept or reject the bid. If you accept the bid, the item will be sold, and you will receive the NBA 2K23 MT in your account. If you leave the bid or the auction ends without anyone placing a bid, the item will return to your inventory.

Keep in mind that the success of your auctions will depend on the demand for the items you are selling and the prices you set. Finding the right balance between setting high prices to maximize your earnings and setting low prices to attract more buyers may take some trial and error. You may also want to pay attention to trends in the Auction House to see what items are in high demand and adjust your inventory accordingly.

Here are some tips on how to earn MT with the Auction House:

Buy Low, Sell High: The same strategy applies to making NBA 2K23 MT with the Auction House. Look for undervalued cards in the marketplace and buy them. Then, when the card’s value increases, you can list it in the Auction House and make a nice profit on the sale.

Buy & Flip: Another way to make NBA 2K23 MT in the Auction House is to buy and flip cards. To do this, look for currently discounted cards in the marketplace. Buy these cards at a low price and then list them for a higher price. This is a great way to profit quickly from the Auction House.

Keep an eye on the market: Check the Auction House frequently to see what players and other items are being sold for. Look for undervalued items and consider buying them to sell for a profit later.

Sell items in demand: Players and other items in high demand will generally sell for a higher price. Keep an eye on the latest trends and try to have things people are looking for in your Auction House listings.

Set competitive prices: Make sure to price your items competitively, so they stand a good chance of selling. Be mindful of the current market prices and try to price your items slightly below or at the going rate.

Use the "Buy Now" option: The "Buy Now" option allows you to set a fixed price for an item and automatically sell it to the first person willing to pay. This can be an excellent way to sell things you no longer want or need quickly.

Be patient: Earning MT through the Auction House can take time, so be patient and keep trying. As you gain experience and learn the market, you'll be better able to find profitable opportunities and earn more MT.