When it comes time to build your Power Forward MyPLAYER in NBA 2K23 MyCAREER, one problem attracts attention from all the others. Which NBA 2K23 badge should you furnish your power forward? With a lot to choose from, the type of Power Forward build you're using is one of the most crucial things to establish early. When you're done, you need to prepare to look into our roundup of the best NBA 2K23 badges for your power forward. They can begin again in NBA 2K23 by picking various settings for their MyCAREER, and Power Forward is a favored position.

Depending on your Power Forward Build, if you plan to play NBA 2K23's MyCAREER mode with Power Forward, you'll want to know which badges will give you the most considerable increase with NBA 2K23 MT. Here is the best playmaking, completing, shooting, and defensive badges for power forwards in NBA 2K23 MyCAREER.

Best NBA 2K23 PF Playmaking Badges


This is one of the most essential of the NBA 2K23 Badges for the Playmaking group. In this manner, you aren't a power forward constantly transforming the ball.

Quick First Step:

The Quick First Step Badge is among the best for our Power Forwards who want to drive the lane and rating off a dribble. You'll get a boost when first capturing the round and also can use that to drive the road easier in NBA 2K23.

Glue Hands:

This may appear among the worthless NBA 2K23 Badges. However, it can end up being quite beneficial. This Badge will undoubtedly assist you in capturing errant passes from players throughout the court or under duress. This will undoubtedly bring about fewer turnovers from your MyPLAYER.

Ideal Power Forward Defensive Badges

Ultimately, the NBA 2K23 Badges that only some gamers have taken note of. That isn't much fault of their own, considering there isn't much to pick from.


This is a Badge that virtually every big man should have if he intends to be a leading power forward in NBA 2K23. Any player you cover will have a much less likely chance of hitting their shot. This is massive when you're securing challengers in the paint.

Rebound Chaser:

This is among the NBA 2K23 Badges assigned to Draymond Environment-friendly and arguably the best power forward in the entire NBA. Your colleagues will enjoy you because you'll secure offensive rebounds and provide even more opportunities to score.

This is among the NBA 2K23 Badges that we such as to see geared up to gamers. This Badge can increase every defensive quality by 4, matching numerous hundred thousand VC per gamer!

Best Power Forward Finishing Badges

Suppose you're one of those Power Forwards that enjoy taking the round down low in the paint and surface solid. Ending up Badges is the best means to help you rack up regularly.

These NBA 2K23 Badges are the ones the most effective finishers in the NBA would have furnished to them, such as Fearless Finisher and Backdown Punisher.

Fearless Finisher:

Essential Badge for Power Forwards, especially for getting in touch with layups in the paint. Increase this to the Hall of Popularity degree for maximum value when driving the lane.

Backdown Punisher:

Another fantastic NBA 2K23 Badge to have as you likely spend time in the paint backing down your challenger. This will make it much easier as well, as you'll rack up a lot of factors versus smaller protectors.

Fast Twitch:

One fast move as well as you'll be driving past the absolute protection. Pair this Badge with Quick First Step, and you'll be among the best driving Power Forwards in all of the NBA 2K23.

Ideal Shooting Badges for your Power Forward

A strong shooting power forward is something that many players in NBA 2K23 are trying to find, similar to Kevin Durant. We've obtained the tools for you to include the ideal NBA 2K23 Badges.


This is currently preferred amongst many NBA 2K23 players and is on our Finest NBA 2K23 Shooting Badges list. Blinders allow shooters to receive a lower fine when they take shots as a defender liquidates toward them, obstructing their vision.

Corner Specialist:

This is a unique shooting badge for Power Forwards. Corner 3 is a difficult shot, yet even harder to secure from a display. A power forward that can shoot from past the arc? Sign us up!

Hot Zone Hunter:

You can be an excellent shooter from within the three-point line. You can have an unbelievable mid-range video game by leveling up the Hot Zone Hunter NBA 2K23 Badge and discovering where your hot zones are. You'll obtain a boost when you shoot from these locations.

Final thoughts

For shooting, the Hot Zone Hunter and Deep Fades Sharpshooter badges will aid you in making more shots from anywhere on the court. The Quick Draw badge will also be helpful if you open up a catch-and-shoot possibility.

When it concerns playmaking, the Ankle joint Breaker and Choose Pocket badges will undoubtedly aid you in developing a room and also take the sphere away from your protector. The Flashy Passer badge will likewise provide your passes with some added pizzazz.

And finally, on the defensive end, the Lockdown Protector badge will undoubtedly assist you in staying in front of your man. In contrast, the Intimidator badge will make it harder for challengers to score against you within.