NBA 2K23 Main Event has finally arrived, with it, the Main Event. There are many cards to choose from, and deciding which ones are worth your time and money can be challenging. This article will examine the Main Event cards and break down which are worth your NBA 2K23 MT. From the grinders to the event-specific cards, we've got you covered. So please sit back, relax, and let us help you make some informed decisions about your NBA 2K23 Main Event purchases.

NBA 2K Main Event

The NBA 2K Main Event is an annual event that takes place during the NBA season. It is a competition between the best players in the world of NBA 2K, with the winner receiving Player Cards.

With the third Main Event taking place soon, we decided to look at some of the cards released. Here are the best NBA 2K23 Main Event cards that are currently available:

Amethyst Magic Johnson

As one of the NBA's all-time greatest players, Magic Johnson is a popular choice for NBA 2K23's main event cards. Amethyst Magic Johnson is one of the most expensive cards available, but many fans feel he's worth the price. Pink Diamond GIANT Pg Magic Johnson will Change NBA 2k23 MyTEAM Forever.

Amethyst Magic Johnson is worth considering if you're looking for an elite point guard in NBA 2K23. His all-around skillset makes him a valuable asset on any team, and his high price tag reflects his status as one of the best players in the game.

Amethyst Raef Lafrentz

Raef LaFrentz was a three-time All-Star and won an NBA Championship with the Mavericks in 2011. The Amethyst Raef Lafrentz card is available in packs of NBA 2K23 MyTEAM, which can be bought with real-world currency or Virtual Currency (VC) earned by playing through the game's MyCAREER mode or participating in different online and offline challenges. 

Amethyst Desmond Bain

In NBA 2K23, Bain is an Amethyst card with a 97 Overall rating. He has elite shooting and dribbling ratings, making him one of the best scorers in the game. His shooting rating is impressive, as he can easily knock down threes. He also has good rebounding and passing ratings, making him a well-rounded player.

Diamond Magic Johnson

The Diamond Magic Johnson card is a rare item that can only be obtained through specific means, such as purchasing special packs or participating in certain events. This card significantly boosts a player's shooting and dribbling abilities, making it an essential item for any severe NBA 2K23 player. If you're looking to take your game to the next level, the Diamond Magic Johnson card is worth picking up.

Diamond De'Aaron Fox

Fox is one of the most exciting young players in the NBA, and his card is sure to be a hot commodity. Here's a look at what you can expect from Diamond De'Aaron Fox in NBA 2K23:

- A 99 Overall Rating: Fox is one of the best young guards in the NBA, and his rating reflects that. He's an elite scorer and playmaker and should be among the best players in the NBA 2K23.

- The Best Card in Main Event: Fox's card is the best in Main Event and is not even close. He has elite ratings across the board and will be one of the most sought-after cards in the game.

- A Must-have for Any Collection: If you're looking to start or add to your NBA 2K collection, Diamond De'Aaron Fox is a must-have. His card is one of the best in the game and will only go up in value as he continues to develop into an All-Star caliber player.

Diamond Aaron Gordon

The NBA 2K23 Diamond, Aaron Gordon card, is one of the most popular cards in the game. It is a top-tier card that can be used in any deck and provides excellent value for your money. It is also one of the most expensive cards in the game, so be sure to save up your coins before purchasing this card.

Pink Diamond Magic Johnson

Some of Johnson's best abilities include his incredible vision, which allows him to make perfect passes to open teammates; his unstoppable offensive skills, which make him nearly impossible to guard; and his unshakable composure, which helps him thrive in clutch situations. These abilities, combined with his impressive physicality and court awareness, make him one of the best players in NBA 2K23 – and one of the most valuable cards in the game.

Pink Diamond Klay Thompson

The Pink Diamond Klay Thompson card is among the best in NBA 2K23. It gives you a massive boost in shooting and scoring, making him one of the best shooters in the game. His shooting and three-point percentage increased by 5%, and his points per game average increased by 3%. He also gets a +2 to his dunk rating.